At Põhjala we experiment regularly to hone our craft, broaden our range of styles and deepen our knowledge of the latest trends.

These trials have brought forth Imperial Goses, classic Barley Wines, and many other specialties along the way.

We collaborate with friends from as far afield as Beijing, and neighbors nearby. Whether we’re brewing with our brethren from Copenhagen, London, or Portland, the result is always something special.


12% Imperial Baltic Porter

Collaboration with Other Half. An Imperial Baltic Porter brewed with rye malt, Tahitian vanilla beans, and Brazilian coffee.

Taste: Freshly brewed coffee with sweet biscuit and toasted bread mixes with a rich vanilla frosted espresso cake character. Cherries and a light touch of almonds come through as well as fruity dark rum notes. Sweet sticky toffee and coconut joins in, with just enough bitterness to balance it all out, and leaves the elegant taste of a freshly toasted cardamon bun on the tongue.

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Appearance: Thick and jet black, with a brief brown head.

Nose: Initially the aroma is a beautiful hazelnut-laden mocha bomb with huge roasty Brazilian coffee notes and rich, sweet vanilla and elements of juicy red fruits. Honey and treacle join in, inviting you in.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Carafa special type 2, Special B, Chocolate malt, Cara 300, Flaked rye, Cara 150, Chocolate rye, Peat smoked rye malt, Pear smoked rye malt, Demerara sugar

Hops: Columbus, First Gold, Tahitian vanilla, Brazilian coffee

OG 30.3° ; FG 9.5° ; IBU 50

Serve 12–16˚C

Bag of Bones

8.5% West Coast DIPA

Collaboration with Boneyard and Bagby.
A west coast double IPA brewed old skool style - dry and bitter and loaded with Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade hops.

Taste: A resiny aggressive hop profile meets sweet biscuity malt profile. Sweet floral notes and pink grapefruit shine through with a palate-smashing charge of bitter citrus and herbal flavours.

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Appearance: Burnt orange with an off white head.

Nose: Dank, sticky, overripe fruits and fresh pine shoots.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Cara pale

Hops: Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Dextrose

OG 19° ; FG 3.2° ; IBU 70

Serve 6–10˚C

Collusion Course

6.9% Sour NE IPA

Collaboration with Coppertail Brewing Co. and AF Brew.
A double dry-hopped sour New England IPA, brewed with lactose and guava.

Taste: Sweet tropical guava comes front and centre, with a touch of lemon lime margarita following. A gentle sourness is balanced out by the creamy lactose and oat sweetness, and more tropical hoppy characters following. Overall the feeling is of taking a tropical fruit basket of guava, golden kiwi, mango, and citrus, blending them together, and serving in a refreshingly chilled glass. Relax in your hammock and watch the world with this beer by your side.

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Appearance: Golden yellow with a brief white head.

Nose: Strong notes of passionfruit and mango, followed by sticky guava and sweet limes. Hints of melon and elderflower follow.

Malts: Pale malt, Flaked wheat, Wheat malt, Flaked spelt, Flaked oats

Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Yellow Sub, lactose, guava

OG 19.2° ; FG 6.6° ; IBU 20

Serve 6–10˚C

Tuk Tuk Drama

5.3% Milkshake IPA

Collaboration with Collective Arts. A milkshake IPA brewed with alphonso mango, blood orange, and lactose.

Taste: Speeding through your tastebuds like a red traffic light comes a hit of pomelo, tingly lemongrass, and the zestiness of white grapefruit, before turning into a rich full mango lassi character. Plenty of punchy american hops make themselves known, with freshly brewed jasmine tea and rich malt character leading the final charge.

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Appearance: Hazy, roasted mango-orange with a white head.

Nose: Freshly cut mango with dark blood orange zestiness and fresh melon hoppy notes.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Flaked spelt, Lactose

Hops: Azacca, Citra, Mosaic, Alphonso mango, Blood orange

OG 14.1° ; FG 3.2° ; IBU 25

Serve 6–10˚C


6.2% NE IPA

Collaboration with Fuerst Wiacek. A modernist reinterpretation of an IPA, hopped with El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic.

Taste: A freshly opened can of overripe peaches leaps out the glass before being joined by fresh tropical passionfruit, grilled pineapple and lime zest. Sweet malts carry the body, with a refreshing sparkling citrus character coming through on the aftertaste.

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Appearance: Hazy golden yellow with a white head.

Nose: Sweet stone fruits and mango, fresh orange blossom and hints of papaya, followed by melon.

Malts: Maris Otter, Oat malt, Flaked oats, Wheat malt

Hops: El Dorado, Citra, Mosaic

OG 15.3° ; FG 3.2° ; IBU 20

Serve 6–10˚C

Good Vibrations

8% Double IPA

A tropical double IPA brewed with toasted coconut, pineapple, and Australian hops.

Taste: Sweet, juicy pineapple mixed with freshly zested lime jumps out first, and sweet apricots and stone fruits swiftly follow. As it washes down the rich and smooth taste of coconut joins in, combining to create a tiki paradise on your tongue.

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Appearance: Hazy golden yellow with a brief white head.

Nose: Coconut, citrus, and spit-roasted pineapple dominate, with the faintest suggestion of a cresting wave in the background.

Malts: Pale malt, wheat malt, flaked wheat

Hops: Citra, El Dorado, HBC 431, Vic Secret, toasted coconut, lime, kaffir lime leaves, pineapple

OG 19° ; FG 4° ; IBU 20

Serve 6–10˚C

Cherry Bänger

12.5% Imperial Stout

Imperial stout with cherries, chocolate, and vanilla pods.

Taste: Sweet cherry chocolate comes through first with a burst of sour cherry acidity following up. Ginger and orange biscuits then jump out with more dark cherry and vanilla leading the aftertaste. Already before you take the next sip lingering dark chocolate notes come through with just a hint of smoke and rye spiciness.

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Appearance: Charcoal black with a brief beige head.

Nose: Stewed cherry jam, rich cacao, red berries, vanilla, liquorice tea and black pepper.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Carafa 2 Special, Special B, Chocolate malt, Cara 300, Oats, Chocolate rye, Cherry smoked rye malt

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Cherries, Chocolate, Vanilla

OG 30.5° ; FG 9° ; IBU 40

Serve 12–16˚C


10.9% Imperial Stout

An Imperial dessert stout with fresh flavours from raspberries, passionfruit, and toasted coconut.

Taste: A sweet raspberry beginning builds on a chewy, burnt toffee malt backbone and hints of chocolate and roasted malts. Gentle fruity acidity then follows after from passionfruit, before leaving a smooth and creamy long lasting finish, mixed with coconut and bourbon vanilla.

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Appearance: Jet black with a brief brown head.

Nose: Rich luscious raspberry dessert, with notes of warming freshly toasted coconut, coffee, and fruit jams.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Oats, Carafa 2 Special, Cara pale, Cara 150, Cara 300, Chocolate malt, Dark Sugar, Lactose

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Raspberries, Passionfruit, Toasted coconut

Translation: Carnival

OG 24.5° ; FG 6° ; IBU 40

Serve 12–16˚C


5.8% India Pale Ale

A tropical and citrusy NE IPA brewed with NZ and USA hops, and grapefruit.

Taste: Fruity lime jelly comes first, before quickly moving into a fresh white bread malt body. Finally more fruits move in - pineapple, lychee, more grapefruit, before ending on a lasting hoppy finish.

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Appearance: Straw yellow with a white head.

Nose: Sweet and zesty citrus — white grapefruit, peeled mandarin, lemon and lime with hints of vanilla.

Malts: Pilsner malt, flaked wheat, flaked spelt

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Ekuanot, Mosaic, Motueka

OG 13.2° ; FG 2.4° ; IBU 40

Serve 6–10˚C


6.5% Spiced Winter Sour

A spiced sour brewed with fermented cranberries, hibiscus, heather honey, toasted cinnamon, and cloves.

Taste: Like exploring a market in the dead of winter, your taste buds dart down avenue after avenue - toasted cinnamon alley first, sweet rich cranberry sauce next, all guided by balanced acidity. Floral notes from hibiscus leave a lingering touch before juicy cinnamon and cloves come back again.

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Appearance: Deep red with a pink-hued head.

Nose: Sweet seasonal mulled wine with warming spices and fruit.

Malts: Pale malt, wheat malt, flaked oats, golden naked oats, red malt, spelt

Hops: Hallertau Blanc, cranberries, fermented cranberries, hibiscus, cloves, toasted cinnamon, blackcurrant, heather honey

OG 14.5° ; FG 2.5° ; IBU 10

Serve 6–10˚C

Szechuan Bänger

12.5% Imperial Stout

Imperial stout brewed with szechuan peppercorn, star anise, fresh ginger, and pu’erh tea.

Taste: Lashings of dark chocolate, smooth spicy ginger, followed by hints of kola nut and aniseed. Dried, umami-rich mushrooms with a tingling sensation kick up the rest of the taste before sizzling away on the tongue.

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Appearance: Jet black with a dark brown head.

Nose: Rich, vibrant citrus, with a heady spicy aroma and hints of fresh mint.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Carafa 2 Special, Special B, Chocolate malt, Cara 300, Oats, Chocolate rye

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Szechuan peppercorn, Star anise, Ginger, Pu’erh tea

OG 30.5° ; FG 9° ; IBU 40

Serve 12–16˚C


8.5% Double IPA

A dank and fruity double IPA brewed using NE yeast and 26g hops per litre.

Taste: Dank and sticky hops coat the tongue, leaving a smooth hop resin taste. A hint of gentle bitterness bursts through the carbonation, with a light cracked biscuit malt character in the background and tangy passionfruit and key lime pie rounding out the flavours.

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Appearance: Burnt orange with a white head.

Nose: Huge tropical notes — sweet honeydew melon, zesty sauvignon blanc, lemon zest and multi fruit juice with stone fruits and mango.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Flaked wheat

Hops: Cascade, Citra, El Dorado, HBC431, Mosaic, Vic Secret

OG 18.5° ; FG 2.5° ; IBU 35

Serve 6–10˚C


6.8% Dry-hopped Saison

A contemporarily hopped extra pale beer co-fermented by Belgian saison and New England ale yeast.

Taste: Zesty citrus and stone fruit melts into a classic, dry rustic saison base with a fresh tingle of carbonation on the back to cleanse the palate. On the second sip hops come right to the front, with classic tastes of dry hop bio-transformation. Some biscuit malt joins later showcasing the saison strain, before being dominated by freshly cut pineapple. Whether co-fermentation or co-habitation, sometimes 1+1=3.

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Appearance: Hazy straw yellow with a white fluffy head.

Nose: Peaches, apricots, papaya and mango, with hints of peppercorn and lychee.

Malts: Pale malt, wheat malt, flaked spelt

Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Hüll Melon, Mosaic

OG 13.4° ; FG 0.7° ; IBU 20

Serve 6–10˚C

Routa 3.0

6.7% Cranberry IPA

A crisp and juicy IPA brewed with orange zest and cranberries.

Taste: Spicy peppery rye notes come through first, with a pleasing taste of orange juice following. Passionfruit and a dank hoppiness follows, before giving way to an elegant cranberry aftertase.

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Appearance: Hazy orange with a white head.

Nose: Mandarins, tangerine, and orange zest on the nose followed by crisp fruity hops.

Malts: Pale malt, Rye malt, Cara pale, Flaked rye

Hops: Magnum, Citra, Chinook, HBC 431, Nelson Sauvin, Nugget, Simcoe, Cranberries, Orange zest

OG 15.5° ; FG 3.1° ; IBU 35

Serve 6–10˚C


5.6% IPA

Also named as “F-hoone Mahlane”. A juicy and fruity IPA brewed with mango and passionfruit.

Taste: Tropical, juicy hops, white grapefruit, sticky sweet mango, with acidic passionfruit joining in. A heavy dose of fruity hops pull forward, bringing a touch of citrus bitterness with them before the orange and mango come back again for a second round, cruising gently down the tastebuds.

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Appearance: Neon yellow with a white head.

Nose: Exotic mango, Valencia oranges, sticky hops, and fragrant tropical melon joins together, creating a huge inviting fruit basket.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Munich malt, Flaked oats

Hops: El Dorado, HBC 431, Mosaic, mango puree, passion fruit

Translation: Mistral

OG 13.4° ; FG 3.0° ; IBU 24

Serve 6–10˚C


7.4% Imperial Sea Buckthorn Gose

A tart and juicy golden sour ale brewed with sea buckthorn, vanilla, and Himalayan rock salt.

Taste: Smooth sea buckthorn sourness mixes with fresh citrus zest and vanilla. Minerally salt and sea buckthorn comes in again, with a sweet lactose-marshmallow aftertaste, balanced by even more juicy sea buckthorn.

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Appearance: Vivid yellow with a white head.

Nose: Rich vanilla, slightly toasted marshmallows, freshly harvested wheat, cream soda, and a breath of sea buckthorn.

Malts: Pale malt, wheat malt, flaked spelt, flaked wheat

Hops: Hüll Melon, coriander seeds, himalayan rock salt, fermented sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn, vanilla beans, lactose

Translation: Hail

OG 19.2° ; FG 5.8° ; IBU 7 ; TA 7.63 g/l lactic acid ; 3.46pH

Serve 6–10˚C

Graff Gadient

5.8% Rye and Apple Gose

Collab with To Øl and BRUS. A sour rye gose brewed with spontaneously-fermented cider as mash liquor, Estonian apple juice, and three varieties of thyme.

Video: The making of Graff Gadient ↗

Taste: Sweet yet tart apple character followed by layers of thyme and soft citrus. Rich toasted sourdough and a smooth honey-biscuit base, before a gentle sizzling of fresh herbal notes on the aftertaste.

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Appearance: Vivid orange with a thin beige head.

Nose: Huge citrus and caramelised tart winter apple cider aromas, with a distinct bright funk. Orange zest and more citrus with a soft herbal spice.

Malts: Pale malt, Rye malt, Wheat malt, Flaked rye, Flaked oats, Flaked wheat

Hops: Citra, Hüll melon, Honey, Coriander seeds, Himalayan pink rock salt, Normal thyme, Soft thyme, Lemon thyme

OG 14° ; FG 4.2° ; IBU 5 ; TA 7.35 g/l lactic acid ; 3.55pH

Serve 6–10˚C


12.5% Imperial Stout with figs, star anise, blood oranges and grape must

A banging Imperial Stout inspired by the flavours of Italy and brewed with figs, star anise, Sicilian blood oranges, and cooked grape must.

Taste: Strong vinous notes with a prickly, rounded anise character quickly following. Parma violets and rich sweet caramelised fig notes mingle with the decadent malt character and delicate sweet citrus. As the beer warms the taste morphs even more, bouncing between sweet and spice, leaving behind a well rounded fruity body.

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Appearance: Jet-black with a crema like head.

Nose: Raisins, coffee, and dark malts - the vibe of tannins jumps out before being overwhelmed once more by fruity notes.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Carafa 2 Special, Special B, Chocolate malt, Cara 300, Oats, Chocolate rye

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Figs, Blood oranges, Star anise, Cooked grape must

OG 30.5° ; FG 9° ; IBU 40

Serve 16–20˚C

Must Kuld El Salvador

7.8% Coffee Porter

A special version of the Must Kuld porter, brewed with a washed bourbon coffee from La Many, El Salvador.

Taste: Lashings of creamy milk chocolate coated in honeycomb and golden syrup, with a generous helping of red berries on the side providing some light acidity. Sweet caramel malt notes come through before a gentle touch of roastiness.

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Appearance: Oily-black with a brief crema-like head.

Nose: Rich smooth Turkish coffee and desserts come through first - jammy coulis, think chocolate cakes, and a double espresso on the side.

Malts: Munich malt, Pale malt, Cara pale, Cara 150, Special B, Cara 300, Carafa Special Type 2, Red malt, Lactose

Hops: Magnum, Bramling Cross, Cascade, washed bourbon coffee

OG 20° ; FG 6° ; IBU 24

Serve 12–16˚C


9% Baltic Porter

Rich and smooth Baltic Porter brewed with coconut, vanilla, and cardamom.

Taste: The taste of a smooth and creamy vanilla milkshake combines with the chocolate malt character before the palate is flooded with oily coconut and sweet oats. Finally cardamon comes through, balanced by a delicate spiciness from the hops - the body transporting you to winter nights surrounded by family.

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Appearance: Jet black with a brief brown head.

Nose: Sweet cardamon buns, rich vanilla deserts, and heavenly coconut - combined with a powerful chocolate malt character.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Flaked Oats, Carafa 2 Special, Cara Pale, Chocolate Malt, Cara 150, Demerara sugar

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Toasted coconut, Vanilla beans, Cardamom seeds

Translation: Winter Night

OG 22° ; FG 6° ; IBU 40

Serve 12–16˚C

F-hoone IPA

7.1% India Pale Ale

A juicy IPA with citrus zest and lingonberries, brewed for the F-Hoone restaurant in Tallinn’s Teliskivi district.

Taste: Sweet juicy hops, tangerine and apricots comes first, before giving way to a fresh acidity from the berries and just enough bitterness to carry the hops - all balanced by a smooth, dry malty body.

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Appearance: Pale orange with a white head.

Nose: Fresh tropical fruit salad, passion fruit and mango, with a sweet berry aroma coming through.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Flaked wheat

Hops: Centennial, Ekuanot, El Dorado, Galaxy, Cascade, Lingonberry, Tangerine zest

OG 16° ; FG 2.5° ; IBU 30

Serve 6–10˚C

Here Comes the Night Time

5.9% Black Sour

Collab with Stillwater Artisanal. A dark rye sour, brewed with Aronia berries and smoked malts.

Taste: Sweet yet bitter aronia berries come through first, followed by an intense sourness. The sourness then gives way to a long lasting smokiness — reminiscent of a birchwood fireplace — with a sizzle of carbonation to finish, before the sticky dryness of aronia berries comes back, staying on the tongue.

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Appearance: Jet black with a tight beige head.

Nose: Dark rye bread soup with hints of smoked juniper. Raisins and red wine, followed by more intriguing dark berry notes.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Rye malt, Oats, Flaked wheat, Carafa T-2 Special, Smoked wheat

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Aronia berries

OG 15.2° ; FG 4° ; IBU 10 ; TA 9.15 g/l lactic acid ; 3.35pH

Serve 6–10˚C

North of Bend

7.2% India Pale Ale

A collaboration with Boneyard - an intergalactic tropical IPA - dry hopped to hell and back with America and Australia’s finest.

Taste: Smooth, sweet, juicy hops come through at first followed by the taste of smooth pineapple and orange juice — balanced out by a crisp hoppy bitterness in the finish.

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Appearance: Light orange with a white head.

Nose: Tropical fruits, mango, melon, and lemon zest leads the nose, with a fresh touch of grapefruit and candied apricot.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Flaked wheat, Dextrose

Hops: Cascade, Citra, HBC 431, El Dorado, Galaxy

OG 17° ; FG 3° ; IBU 75

Serve 6–10˚C

Pime Öö

13.6% Imperial Stout

An Imperial Stout brewed for the longest night of the year. Syrupy yet smooth, sweet yet strong. The best way to enjoy deepest winter and brood over the darkness in life.

Taste: Blackcurrants and rich sticky plums rise up on the tongue, followed by hints of jasmine and cola nut - a hint of carbonation cleanses the palate before the sensation of a layered toffee chocolate brownie and treacle finishes up.

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Appearance: Deepest black with a light, brown oily head.

Nose: Rich decadent chocolate cake, sweet liquorice, fine kenyan coffee, and sticky jam dominate the nose, inviting you to journey deeper.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Special B, Crystal 300, Crystal 150, Crystal 200, Carafa type 2 special, Chocolate malt, Chocolate Rye, Oats

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer

Translation: Dark Night

OG 35° ; FG 10° ; IBU 60

Serve 12–20˚C


12.5% Imperial Stout with Coffee and Coconut

A banging Imperial stout brewed with coconut and a Caturra coffee from Costa Rica.

Taste: Creamy, dessert-like coconut followed by a rush of Turkish coffee - earthy, tarry, balanced by the taste of plums and blackberry. As the beer warms, chocolate notes start to shine, with hints of caramelised sugar layering on top of the roasted coffee. Finally, the oiliness of the coconut and the smooth coffee crash down the tongue, lingering and leaving their seductive taste until the inevitable next sip.

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Appearance: Pitch black with a lingering, short brown head.

Nose: Decadent, burnt coconut notes, with espresso liqueur. Chocolate and sweet malts, with a port wine, raisin like character.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Special B, Crystal 300, Crystal 150, Crystal 200, Carafa type 2 special, Chocolate malt, Chocolate Rye, Oats

Hops: Magnum, HBC472, Toasted coconut flakes, Costa Rican coffee

OG 32.5° ; FG 10° ; IBU 60

Serve 12–16˚C


12.5% Imperial stout with prunes, vanilla, and habanero chillies

A banging Imperial Stout brewed with prunes, vanilla, and habanero chillies.

Taste: Dark chocolate and dried prunes come out first, followed by a strong Turkish coffee and stewed blackcurrant jam. Vanilla supports, followed by a long, lingering — BÄNG — from the chilli. Just enough to shock your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

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Appearance: Jet black with a quickly fading dark brown head.

Nose: Prunes, burnt dark sugar and dessert wine appear, with hints of vanilla and cherries following.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Special B, Crystal 300, Crystal 150, Crystal 200, Carafa type 2 special, Chocolate malt, Chocolate Rye, Oats

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Prunes, Vanilla pods, Habanero chilli

OG 32.5° ; FG 10° ; IBU 60

Serve 12–16˚C


6% Fruit IPA

A luscious golden summer IPA brewed with passionfruit and blood orange.

Taste: Juicy overpowering tropical fruits and citrus leads the taste — besides the passionfruit and blood orange there are hints of other, fresh papaya, overripe mango, and even fresh cut pineapple. A simple biscuity and slightly grainy malt base, smooth tropical hops, a basket of exotic fruits, all supported by an elegant bitterness - this will make you long for summer long before, and long after.

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Appearance: Hazy straw yellow with a fluffy white head.

Nose: Pure rich tropical fruits - multi-layered passionfruit jumps out immediately, followed by zesty blood orange, all wrapped up in smooth juicy hoppiness.

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Wheat malt, Flaked oats , Lactose

Hops: Magnum, Citra, Hüll Melon, Vic Secret, Passionfruit, Blood Orange

Translation: Passion

OG 15° ; FG 3° ; IBU 15

Serve 6–10˚C


4.4% Gose

A sour wheat beer brewed with coriander seeds and pink Himalayan rock salt.

Taste: A rich mouthfeel starts on the tongue, before being washed away by a fresh sour lemon-lime juiciness. A bright fruity flavour comes through, followed by a punch of saltiness that sizzles down the tongue.

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Appearance: Deep orange with a brief white head.

Nose: Fresh orange and lemon comes through on the nose, followed by an inviting salty malt character.

Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Oats, Cara pale, Melanoid malt, Flaked wheat

Hops: El Dorado, Coriander, Himalayan Pink Salt

Translation: Sea

OG 10.4° ; FG 2° ; IBU 5 ; TA 6.58 g/l lactic acid ; 3.34pH

Serve 4–6˚C


3.5% Berliner Weisse

A thirst-quenching sour wheat beer fermented with Lactobacillus.

Taste: An assertive, but not overwhelming acidity dominates the first taste, balancing out the biscuity malty body. Though sharp, the carbonation lifts the tartness and cleanses the whole palate, making it a thoroughly sessionable — even sauna-able — beer.

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Appearance: Golden, opaque straw yellow with a thin, brief white head.

Nose: Dry farmhouse white bread mixes with cloves, eventually giving way to a brief hint of white grapes and fermented pear.

Malts: Pale Ale, Wheat, Oat flakes

Hops: Magnum

OG 8.0° ; FG 8.3° ; IBU 5 ; TA 9,25 g/l lactic acid ; 3,68pH

Serve 4–8˚C

Prenzlauer Berg

4.5% Raspberry Berliner weisse

A rich and creamy sour wheat beer, brewed with raspberries.

Taste: Sweet creamy raspberry with a tingling, zesty acidity. The light, almost farmhouse malt body slides slowly down the tongue almost as a meringue, balanced by a juicy creamy lactose touch.

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Appearance: Vibrant reddish pink with a pink white head.

Nose: Rich raspberry milkshake with a slightly citric sour touch.

Malts: Pale ale, Wheat malt, Flaked oats, Flaked Spelt

Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Raspberries, Lactose

OG 12.2° ; FG 4.2° ; IBU 5 ; TA 5.72 g/l lactic acid ; 3.37pH

Serve 6–10˚C


5.5% Dry-hopped Saison

A heavily dry-hopped saison, brewed with coriander seeds.

Taste: A spicy ginger comes through, with a rich fruity lemon character. Pineapple and tropical fruits cascade over a light malt base, with a touch of orange citrus fruits and floral hops.

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Appearance: Hazy, straw golden with a fluffy white head.

Nose: Pineapple, peaches, coriander and fresh lemon - some bubblegum and cloves follow through.

Malts: Pale malt, Flaked wheat, Flaked Spelt, Wheat malt, Cara pale

Hops: Magnum, HBC 431, El Dorado, Coriander seeds, Orange zest

Translation: Session

OG 11.5° ; FG 1° ; IBU 25

Serve 6–10˚C


8% Chocolate Vanilla Oak Aged Imperial Porter

Silky smooth porter, aged on cacao nibs, fresh vanilla pods, and French oak.

Taste: Burnt sugar and caramel, followed by rich vanilla cake and smooth cocoa. Balancing tannins from the oak come through, followed by cherries, huge chocolate, and sweet warming spiciness.

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Appearance: Opaque black with a dark brown fluffy head.

Nose: Strong milk chocolate with big vanilla notes come through first - burnt marshmallows and gingerbread come through afterwards, with a hint of cardamom.

Malts: Munich malt, Cara pale, Carafa T-2 Special, Pale Chocolate, Cara 150, Chocolate wheat, Oats, Chocolate malt, Lactose

Hops: Magnum, First Gold

Translation: Christmas Night

OG 21.5° ; FG 7.5° ; IBU 40

Serve 12–16˚C

Must Kuld Colombia

7.8% Coffee Porter

A special version of the Must Kuld porter, brewed with a Caturra coffee from Finca La Chorrera in Colombia.

Taste: Rich and full cold brewed coffee comes through, with a huge milk chocolate and red fruit kick. Raspberry milkshake, vanilla, honey, and strong blackcurrant coffee notes.

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Appearance: Jet-black with a brief crema-like head.

Nose: Freshly brewed coffee, rich dark cacao, blackcurrant, sweet raspberries and cherries, with hints of vanilla. Must Kuld taken to dessert-like extremes!

Malts: Pale malt, Munich malt, Cara pale, Crystal 50, Crystal 150, Crystal 200, Carafa type 2 special, Chocolate malt, Lactose

Hops: Magnum, Goldings

OG 21° ; FG 7° ; IBU 25

Serve 8–16˚C


12% Barley wine

A massive malty and full bodied barley wine, brewed for the anniversary of Põhjala’s brewhouse.

Taste: Rich and assertive maltiness hits the tongue first, before a fragrant touch of nutmeg and ginger sneaks in. Lingering in the background notes before building up to a crescendo is a rich madeira wine, sherry like character, complimented by a decadent caramelised fig aftertaste.

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Appearance: Pours a brilliantly clear mahogany red with a creamy off-white head.

Nose: Burnt caramel, toffee, and generous spices dominate the aroma, almost bringing to mind a liquid christmas cake. A waft of gentle sweetness rolls in to unite the whole aroma.

Malts: Pale malt, Melanoid Malt, Cara Pale, Cara 150, Cara 300

Hops: Magnum, Cascade, Goldings

Translation: Barley Wine

OG 26.6° ; FG 5.1° ; IBU 65

Serve 10–16˚C

Mutant Disco

6.8% White IPA

A white IPA brewed with fresh lemon zest and aged with 100% agave tequila-soaked oak chips. A mutant of a beer, brewed for the 17th anniversary of the longest running club night in Tallinn town.

Taste: Lemon sorbet and papaya leap across the tongue - whilst a distinct agave character comes in from the side of the mouth. Floral citrus, fresh yellow stone fruits, and a pleasant sizzle from the carbonation combine to form a fruit bowl extravaganza, balanced by the firm, yet not overwhelming bitterness.

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Appearance: Light orange with a natural haze and a fluffy light white head.

Nose: Peach and lemon zest-citrus dominate, teasing you deeper into the glass. The peaches mix with a nectarine and lychee suggestion of sweetness, whilst allowing a complex piney oakiness to come through.

Malts: Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Cara Pale

Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Citra, Motueka

OG 15.9° ; FG 3.6° ; IBU 55

Serve 6–10˚C

Öö Cassis

10.5% Blackcurrant Baltic Porter

A special version of the Öö Baltic porter, brewed with blackcurrants.

Taste: On the palate is an explosion of dark fruits - blackcurrants, cranberries, plums, even dates. A sharp tartness comes through, followed by some delicate tannins, dark chocolates, and just a hint of warming alcohol. Coffee, toffee, and plums finally come through, all balanced by a rich malty body.

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Appearance: Dark black with a deep brown head.

Nose: Rich dark fruits and dark sugar dominate the nose, with the unmistakable aroma of blackcurrants and acidity.

Malts: Pale ale, Munich, Carafa II Special, Special B, Chocolate malt, Crystal 300, Demerara sugar

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Blackcurrants

OG 24.2° ; FG 6.2° ; IBU 60

Serve 10–16˚C

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